Prefabricated cold rooms

BoxCold Srl was founded in 2000 by a family of refrigeration technicians, after gaining experience over the years in the field of refrigeration equipment.

Since 2000, BoxCold SNC specializes in the production of industrial structures isolated and chilled.rl

The know-how acquired, the trust created towards the products led to the search of a wider market. This required the company in 2006 to build a new production facility of 3000 square meters on an area of about 70,000 square meters. The production facility is equipped with sophisticated technology and machinery of the latest design.

At the same time the division of BOXCold started to grow, producing commercial and industrial cold rooms.
BoxCold quickly become a point of REFERENCE IN COLD STORAGE.

Why choose BoxCold Prefabricated cold rooms?

The assembly system occurs through eccentric hook “male-female”.
A variety of panel thickness.
Can choose a cold room with or without floor.
Includes door with aluminum perimeter profile, hinges, outside handle with key and inside with an emergency push button.

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