Hinges, latches and door handles

Several factors get Intertecnica accessories together on the market.

The fasteners with frontal or side mounting, with or without lock, equipped with inside safety release, the hinges with or without ramp, with vertical adjustment to set up after installation, available for any door weight and thickness satisfy the many Customer’s requests.

The compensation valves Intertecnica have been planned for installation on prefabricated or wall cold rooms. Essential purpose of the valves is to balance the inside pressure with the outside pressure of the cold room.

The new sliding systems for small, medium and large cold room doors represent the new chance that Intertecnica gives to its Customers. They are even available with automatic opening device, in accordance to the current safety standards and the easy installation and operation are the result of long tests periods in its workshop.

Moreover… panel clamps, panel spacers, shelves and accessories complete Intertecnica products range.

Because Intertecnica is… ideas, intelligence, innovation and italian design.

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FERMOD conceives, creates, realises and sells since 1934 hardware and accessories for the refrigeration industry and in general products needing a perfect tightness for positive and negative temperatures. We are Iso 9001 cerifified since 1994.

FERMOD is exporting more than 50% of our production to about 50 countries throughout the world and have also created sub-companies and have licensees in Europe.

For more info and details visit: http://www.fermod.com/