EUROBATEX is available as pipe insulation, sheet and rolls, which are HCFC free and O.D.P. zero. It strictly conforms to all current European standards. These products are ideal for the thermal insulation of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems, as well as plumbing and sanitary installations and special applications requiring the use of dust and fibre free products.
The elastomeric foam molecular structure of Eurobatex is characterised by a large number of fine closed cells, which ensure a stable low value of thermal conductivity. This type of structure is an excellent choice for the insulation of all systems in its temperature range, even those presenting particularly difficult thermal insulating problems.
It is recommended for any application involving the insulation of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, plumbing and sanitary systems, particularly when high thermal efficiency is required at temperatures between -45 °C and +105 °C.

ISO EN 9002.

  • Energy conservation on domestic, commercial and industrial central heating pipework particularly when space is tight
  • Condensation control On cold, chilled water and refrigeration pipework
  • Frost protection in domestic, commercial, institutional and industrial environments
  • Personnel protection An occupant friendly product, available and effective in 9 mm and 13 mm wall thickness
  • Process control Effective and reliable control of temperature at point of delivery

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