The condensing unit HUA

Designed for commercial use at medium and low temperatures the HUA condensing unit offers an easy and quick installation. It’s design ensures a wider operating envelope, especially in high ambient conditions.

The HUA series has a complete range and includes models suitable for all common fluorinated refrigerants. It can be equipped with Scroll or reciprocating compressors for commercial refrigeration in high, medium and low back pressure conditions.

Some of it’s general features ia it’s low noise operation, easy maintenance and finest components to guarantee final quality control.


  • Powder coated Zinc plate high corrosion strength.
  • Tropical condenser coil in cooper tube and aluminium fins.
  • Sound insulation.
  • Hermetic scroll or reciprocating compressor.
  • Dural pressure switch with automatic reset.
  • Solenoid valve on liquid line.
  • Filter drier on liquid line.
  • Sight glass with moisture indicator.
  • Liquid receiver.
  • Shut-off valves for liquid and suction line.
  • Maer axial fan motor.
  • Menometer.

HUA Specifications