Commercial Led Lights

As with many other businesses, the key to running a successful supermarket / fruit store is to sell high quality and attractive products, while maintaining low operating costs. By installing LED stripe lights for professional cooling this helps increase profit margins as well as reduce operating costs.

Cooling costs are an important expense, so it is inconsistent to have a light source that adds heat to your refrigerator. Not only LED lights produce less heat than other light sources but also perform better and last longer.

Replacing illustrious lighting with LED stripe lights reduces power consumption by 65%.



Available dimensions of strip LED Lights offered at our stores:

  • 60cm / 6 Watt
  • 120cm / 12 Watt
  • 150cm / 14Watt


  • 24V
  • Working Temperature: -25 ⁰C
  • Aluminum frame
  • With transformer