Polystyrene Shapes

Using a cutting edge technological machine Etapol Ltd has been creating 2D and 3D shapes in various sizes, of all kind of objects, lettering, logos, point of sale displays or whatever your imagination can create with polystyrene.

Polystyrene shapes are fantastic for seasonal displays, for retailers and shop windows. In the competitive retail market, it’s essential to create displays which catch the eye and polystyrene shapes are affordable, lightweight and can be finished with a wide range of colors.

Create impressive displays for your store, your children’s birthday party or christening, your wedding day or wedding anniversary. With our expertise, we can turn your design into a shiny reality! Contact Etapol Ltd today.

Supersize your brand using polystyrene letters! They are a fantastic and cost effective way to promote your brand. Available in any size you need excellent for exhibitions, conferences, shop signs and much more. For over a year now, Etapol Ltd has the knowhow and the experience in producing custom polystyrene products.