Stone or reconstituted stone, like brick, is heavy and energy to find, produce and transport, Stone Mist is a more refined finish than its sister products, Ameristone T and Ameristone. Whether you are striving to create a solid, upscale appearance for an exterior or unique and durable finish for an Interior, Stone Mist will enhance a building’s value by adding both style and substance to it.

Stone Mist is coloured quartz aggregate finish premixed in acrylic binder, which provides a natural stone appearance at a faction of the cost of its natural and recon alternatives. Like all Dryvit finishes, Stone Mist is high versatle. Use it as finish for any Dryvit external wall insulation systems or directly applied to property prepared substances such as masonry, render or interior drywall.

Stone Mist is available in a range of standard colours but can also be matched to stone or recon stone.