Color Prime™, Color Prime™ S and Color Prime™ M are water – based pigmented acrylic primers.

They can be used over a variety of substrates providing a flat, uniformly absorbent, color – coordinated surface for application of Dryvit exterior finishes.

Color Prime™, Color Prime™ S and Color Prime™ M do not change surface adhesion properties.


  • Textured
  • Extensive colour range
  • Vapour permeable


  • Good grab to coarse wet finishes during application
  • Full colour match to all Dryvit finish range
  • Allows vapour transmission



Drying time – Will vary according to air temperature, relative humidity and porosity of substrate. Under average drying conditions 20°C, 55% RH, dries to the touch within 1 hour and is sufficiently dry for application of finish in 3-4 hours. Protect from rain for at least 4 hours.
Temporary protection – Shall be provided at all times until the base coat, finish, permanent flashings sealants, etc. are completed to protect the wall from weather and other damage.

Color Prime S