Deli Foot Containers

Keep your favorite deli foods fresh and leak-free with Deli Food containers. These crack-resistant containers are the perfect way to package, transport, and serve all types of foods. One lid fits all container sizes.

Feature Advantage Benefit
Non-Rolled Lip Tight lid fit Helps maintain product freshness
White Containers Available Protects contents from light Helps maintain product freshness
Translucent Containers Available Provides product visibility Increases impulse sales
One-Piece Construction No seams to leak Reduces cleaning costs
Lid Interchangeability One lid fits all containers Reduces storage requirements and lidding confusion
Combo-Paks Available Equal number of containers and lids in each case Reduces storage requirements and avoids out-of-stocks
Print Capability Available custom printed in up to 4 spot colors Improves customer recognition and enhances business image