Refrigeration and A/C components





Ergonomic aluminium oxygas handgrip for long periods of work without weariness thanks to its reduced weight. Brass lance connection and pipes. Gradual and sensitive adjustment thanks to the stainless steel pins. (201010)

antiflashback valve

Fixed calibration pressure reducer for refillable oxygen cylinder with internal valve (fitted on art. 555H100-555H200), with antiflashback valve art. 516. Inlet M24x2 (510)


Pressure reducer for oxygen cylinders with piston adjustment system. Complete with indirect-exhaust safety valve against overpressures. Gauges are protected by a  shock-proof cap. Manufactured according to ISO2503 standards. Capacity 35.3/h. Intel pressure 200 bar. Outlet pressure 0-10 bar. Inlet W21.7 x 1/14” right. Outlet 3/8” right and hose Ø 10.5 mm. (203050)


Antiflashback valve for acetylene, LPG and tetrene to be connected infra-hose. Max. operating pressure: 1.5 bar. Max. capacity: 2.600 lt/h. Max. distance from the torch: 1.5m. Hose Ø 9.5 mm. (203042)

Antiflashback valve for oxygen

Antiflashback valve for oxygen to be connected to the pressure regulator outlet. Max. operating pressure: 15 bar. Max capacity: 7.000 lt/h. Inlet / outlet 3/8” right. (203041)

Red and blue dual hose

Red and blue dual hose for oxygen and acetylene diam. 5x10.5 mm. Normally fitted on kits 201003P, 201003FP.  (203028)


600ml Novacet cylinder (330 gr) with external 7/16” threaded safety valve. It contains a special mixture granting very good performances. (580)

600ml Supergas cylinde

600ml Supergas cylinder (330g gas) with external 7/16” threaded safety valve. It contains a special mixture of 30% propane -70% butane. (575)

Refillable oxygen cylinder

Refillable oxygen cylinder with valve cover cap, very high pressure (200 bar) and long autonomy. Capacity 1.000 lt. Diam. 140mm. Height about 540 mm. Replacement service of empty cylinder with a full cylinder. (585H1000)


Soldering lamp complete with 600ml cartridge art. 575 (propane 40% - butane 60%). For brazing, heating, removing paint, etc. To be used with all cartridges with 7/16” threaded valve. (1047)

Blow torch

Blow torch with piezo ignition and handy handgrip, with 300ml Supergas cartridge art. 576. (1060 KIT)

Set composed of handle

Set composed of handle, thin burner tip, burner TURBO L, 2 cartridges European 7/16” thread connection art. 581. (1064E KIT)

Copper Phosphorus Alloys

The Copper-Phosphorus alloys are extensively used to join copper and copper alloy base metals (brass, bronzes).
They have self-fluxing properties when used on copper and may or may not contain Silver.
A flux is required when joining brass or bronze.
Continuous service operating temperatures of joints brazed with these alloy range up to approx 200°C.
  Click HERE for Technical Data Ag2CuP