Refrigeration and A/C components


Cool Seal

SPECTROLINE, Cool Seal for A/C & R seals slow, pesky leaks in compressors, condensers, evaporators, O-rings and hoses – quickly and permanently. Non-polymer, oil-soluble formula is safe for AC&R system components and recovery equipment. Also ideal for preventive maintenance!

  • Works in all popular AC&R systems, including high-pressure R-410A systems
  • An alternative to expensive parts replacement on older AC&R systems
  • Remains safely in system to help protect against future leaks
  • Meets ASHRAE 97 standard for chemical stability



  • Includes EZ-Ject™ injector assembly, hose/coupler with check valve and purge fitting and (2) EZ-Ject™ cartridges prefilled with Cool Seal™ A/C leak sealer.
  • Each cartridge treats up to 2 tons of cooling.
  • Comes in full-color clamshell packaging.


Cool Seal™ BigEZ™ Cartridge:

  • Large, prefilled cartridge works with BigEZ™ injector. Can also be used with EZ-Ject™ injector using CS-50 adapter and CS-35 hose/coupler.
  • Full cartridge treats 6 to 12 tons of cooling.
  • Comes in full-color clamshell packaging.