Refrigeration and A/C components




To control refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems Emerson Climate Technologies offers a broad range of expansion valves, filter driers, solenoid valves, oil management products, pressure transducers, thermostats, etc. All components of Alco Controls, mechanical as well as electronic, are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. Optimizing system performance is central to Alco Controls developments. 

Mechanical Controls

Emerson Climate Technologies offers control solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Emerson's hardware and software control solutions are designed to improve system performance and save energy, while lowering downtime and maintenance costs.

Emerson Climate

Oil Management:  Emerson Climate Technologies' oil controls monitor oil levels throughout the refrigeration systems.
The line includes:

Pressostats Thermostats

Pressure controls serve various functions, which may be divided into control and protection functions. Examples of control functions are compressor cycling, pump-down or defrost control. Protection functions include pressure limiting and cut out against excessive pressures, against loss of charge or for freeze protection.
  • Emerson offers the PS1 & PS2 Series are respectively single and dual adjustable pressure control.
  •  PS3 &  PS4 Series are pressure controls with fixed switch point settings.
  • The Differential Pressure Controls Series  FD-113 is for oil pressure safety control used in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
  •  TS1 Series are mechanical thermostats with adjustable switch point and differential.

System Protectors

Emerson System Protectors provide reliable and longer lasting protection by shielding compressors and controls from chemical impurities and debris and keeping the system clean and running at peak efficiency for a trouble-free operation.

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  • Hermetic Filter Driers (  ADK,     BFK,     FDB,    ASF,   ASD ). 
  • Filter Drier Shells (ADKS,    FDH,  FDS ,     BTAS) and Cores. 
  • Moisture Indicators (AMI /  MIA ). 
  • Suction Accumulators (  A-Series ).


Emerson Climate Technologies manufactures a wide variety of valves designed to protect and control HVAC/R systems.

Electronic Controls

The wide range of Emerson controllers covers all major applications in commercial air conditioning and refrigeration as well as heat pump systems. There are stand alone controllers and controllers with a communication interface, which allows using them in LON networked systems too.