Refrigeration and A/C components

Wednesday, 22 August 2018 09:47

Create your own outdoor kitchen

ROK is leaving the past behind, revolutionising the concept of outdoor cooking by bringing the user experience of an indoor

kitchen outside.


The modular kitchen that unleashes the creativity of outdoor cooking enthusiasts.


Beauty that
doesn’t fear time

Modulare 01 has no reason to fear the passing of time or even the most adverse weather agents, thanks to the absence of weld joints, its watertight drawers, stainless steel frame,

and essential, timeless design.



Two cooking modes for an infinite number of preparations

Modulare 01, with its 2 7.4KW burners and gas grill, is the ideal companion for grilling food. Pair it with the induction hob to create a complete, versatile, and safe cooking system.



Both hot…
and cold…


Each module is equipped with the revolutionary ROK cell, which consists of watertight containers and a magnetic-close drawer, thereby allowing you to keep your hot and cold food at a constant temperature and protect it from external agents.


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