Plastic Containers



Plastic Containers is the clear choice to drive home impulse sales. Dual bar locks ensure a secure closure, even after multiple openings, while sidewall ribbing and chamfered corners increase strength and durability. These stackable, crush-resistant containers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit every application.



"Bow Tie" Style Bar Locks Audible snap and excellent multiple closure Increases confidence that contairner is locked
Opening Tabs Helps make container easier to open Increases customer satisfaction
Label Window Allows for product labeling scanning of items rightside up    Increases efficiency of check-out lines
Registered Stacking Platform Provides greater  stability of merchandising displays  Reduces cleaning costs
 Large variety of Sizes  Greater versability to suit any application  Expands carryout options
 One-Piece Hinged Construction  Eliminates lidding confusion  Improves operational efficiency
 Clear Packaging  Allows for pre-packaging  Increases customer satisfaction
 Chamfered Corners  Provides extra strength at tha corners  Reduces inventory needs
 Non-Absorbent  Prevents liquid from soaking through  Increases merhandising appeal and stability
 Opening Directors on Container  Provides easy opening identification  Educates customers about product use