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HydroSprayer-Elite 15L


   -15L tank capacity which is packaged as a back pack with supportive straps, to make carrying a full tank more manageable
   -A 12V long-life rechargeable battery.
   -Powerful automatic pump that produces 60 psi at the squeeze of a trigger.
   -Durable spray wand with polypropylene lance and plastic tip that allows an adjustable spray pattern.
   -Additional nozzles are included in the box for extra spraying options

Smart Charging Machine/ VRC-6100i

VRC-6100I Vacuum Charging Machine

    -Refrigerant: cat. III: R-12,R-134a,R-401C,R-500,1234yf
    -Refrigerant: cat. IV: R-22,R-401A,R-401B,R-402B,R-407C,R-407D,R-408A,R-409A,R-411A,R-411B,
    -Refrigerant: cat. V: R-402A,R-404A,R-407B,R-410A,R-507,R-32, R407A/C/F,R448A, R449A, R452A
    -Power supply: 230/50 V/Hz
    -Flow rate: 170 l/min / 6CFM
    -Vacuum leak test time: 2 minutes
    -CFM: 6

EMERSON Outdoor Condensing Units – LOCU /ZX series series presentation

Παρουσίαση σεμιναρίου για τα μηχανήματα LOCU/ZX series

presentation front page

  •          Περιεχόμενο:
  •        1)   EMERSON - Company presentation
  •        2)   F-Gas Regulation - New Refrigerants
  •        3)  CO2  as a refigerant - EMERSON products for CO
  •        4)  EMERSON Outdoor Condensing Units - LOCU/ZX series
  •        5)  De-centralized system - EMERSON solution for the future


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New Dual Voltage International VP55 Vacuum Pump

New Dual Voltage International VP55 Vacuum Pump

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