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Hotel Air Conditioner Maintenance


Keeping the air of your hotel rooms fresh is very important as during the summer period temperatures rise and air condition units work long hours.

Cleaning the air conditioner is very important having in mind the huge amount of dust the atmosphere has. This dust finds its way and penetrates into the air of the room. So it is very important to ensure the quality of inhaled air. If the necessary measures are not taken this can result to various respiratory problems or infections.

Endocube - A Green Solution for YOUR Business

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"Low energy commercial refrigeration is something which is recognised as being an important aspect of reducing the CO² output around the world."
Refrigeration represents a surprisingly large proportion of worldwide electricity consumption. Food production all over the planet uses refrigeration technology which works in much the same way.



hi-flow Condensate Tank Pump 1L

Proven reliability and performance. The evolution of this world class tank pump means it’s more engineer focused and even easier to install and maintain... when time is precious look no further

Speed Up Your Recovery Time

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Speed up your recovery time in half by using the MT69. NOW IN STORES! The MT69 is the only commercialized recovery subcooler manufactured for the professional A/C & R technician.
It transforms molecules of hot refrigerant gas into molecules of refrigerant liquid and also transforms molecules of cold refrigerant liquid into a warm refrigerant gas. Use the MT69 in-line with the discharge line of any recovery machine to dramatically increase the speed of recovery.
For more information and specifications for MT69 click HERE