Refrigerations & A/C New Arrivals

Outdoor Refrigeration Unit - ZX Digital


Copeland EazyCool ZX Digital Refrigeration Units represent the top level of the ZX product platform. The advantages of the standard modelsc compactness, silence and efficiency are further extended by the capability of contuous capacity modulation. This makes ZX Digital refrigeration units the perfect fit for applications with wide load variations.

General Characteristics:
polyurethane injected door leaf, insulation thickness 40mm
PVC coated metal sheet on both sides door
leaf profiles and frame profiles made in aluminum self revolving hinges for 180 degrees doors
opening fitted with porthole and flexible PVC bumper protection
suitable for temperatures starting from +8 to +10oC up to environmental temperature

CLIMACAVE - Split System for Wine Cellars


 CLIMACAVE is a ready-to-install refrigeration Split Systems suitable for wine cellar air conditioning. The system works at 12⁰C, conservation.


ebmpapst - New Axial Technology Blowers EC with HyBlade

In its continuous efforts, ebmpapst product development department is pleased to inform its clients of the NEW series of axial fans with EC technology HyBlade.

Expert Nano Milk from PEGO


The EXPERT NANO MILK is an electronic regulator operating with microprocessor designed for applications of milk preservation / refrigeration; it controls temperature and stirrer. It is fitted with one analogue input for NTC or PTC temperature probe, two digital inputs, three relays for the control of the compressor, stirrer and alarm and buzzer. The regulator can be also configured for heat applications.