Refrigerations & A/C New Arrivals

New GDE & CGD Ranges

• New green core concept, same as GCE design strategy.
• New low refrigerant charge geometry.
• Up to 40 % less inner volume compared to the old DFE range.
• External surface maintained or increased.
• Significant availability of models for processing rooms, with extended capacities Vs. the previous range (up to 36 kW in SC1).

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Man in Cold Room Alarm Kit

 ecp ape 03

What will happen if a person is accidently locked in a cold room? There are a couple of actions this person can take however they do not guarantee his/her safety. Having this in mind PEGO SRL has created the MAN IN COLD ROOM alarm kit.

The kit consists of a control unit with acoustic / visual warning and comes complete with buffer battery and luminous emergency in-room pushbutton.

Why upgade your business lights to Industrial LED Lights


Industrial LED lights are mainly used in warehouse's with high roofs, supermarket and grocery stores as well as cold rooms or any large areas were lighting is needed. These LED Lights provide the answer for high bay or low mast lighting. The benefits a business has after upgrading are many however the 2 most important facts are that LED lights are enviromentally friendly and the electricity bill reduces by up to 70%.