Thursday, 12 October 2017 06:01

Man in Cold Room Alarm Kit

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What will happen if a person is accidently locked in a cold room? There are a couple of actions this person can take however they do not guarantee his/her safety. Having this in mind PEGO SRL has created the MAN IN COLD ROOM alarm kit.

The kit consists of a control unit with acoustic / visual warning and comes complete with buffer battery and luminous emergency in-room pushbutton.

The person trapped inside the cold room can activate an acoustic-luminous alarm, installed outside the room and call for help. The system will even work in the event of a temporary power cut as it contains a buffer battery on the external unit.

Main characteristics
• Complies to the UNI EN 378-1:2016 requirements, applicable to cold rooms at negative temperatures with a volume greater than 10 m3.
• Emergency pushbutton which is fitted inside the cold room. This is a luminous mushroom-shaped pushbutton with a N.C. contact. The pushbutton is illuminated by LEDs, making it easy to find even in the dark.
• Acoustic-visual alarm control unit is fitted outside the room. Consist of a siren, a flashing light and a buffer battery to provide power in the event of a black-out. Also has a clean contact (SPDT) that can be used to inhibit refrigeration, switch on the interior room light or activate other devices such as a dialer for remote alarm activation.

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