Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:38

Energy Saving up to 70%


Today, saving energy is more important than ever. Doing so with fans is particularly effective as they are often operated almost constantly, for example in refrigerated cases, bottle coolers and floor convectors. As a result, high motor efficiency makes a pronounced difference - not only in terms of reducing environmental impact, but also keeping money in the end user's wallet. Higher efficiency also means that less waste heat is given off into the surroundings, resulting in further energy savings.

For this case, ebm-papst offers the energy-saving iQ motor, which has a high efficiency of up to 65%, is compatible with existing shaded-pole motors and requires the same space for installation, allowing simple and direct mechanical replacement. Axial impellers with diameters from 154 to 254 mm can be fitted to the iQ motor the same way for an energy-saving solution. Their smart electronics regulate voltage fluctuations so that the speed remains constant. Many well-known supermarket chains are already making use of this environmentally and economically beneficial option for direct replacement.
(text from ebmpast website)
• Energy savings up to 70%
• 1: 1 replacement of existing engine,
• Constant engine speed of 1300 rpm,
• Low friction bearings ensure smooth operation,
• Intelligent electronic protection against overheating and jammed motor,
• Same components with existing,
• Much longer life,
• One iQ engine for more solutions,
• Optional features for different solutions,
• Available and for 24V, 110V and 230V,
• Combinations with rotors 154 - 300 mm