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Tuesday, 11 October 2016 13:43

A Breath of Innovation from Eco-Luvata

Installers are constantly looking for products that are a combination of high performance, reduced operating costs and respect for the environment. For this reason, Luvata Italy srl has developed two new "ECO Heat Transfer Coolers" branded unit coolers.

The GCE and CGC ranges are descendants of the CTE range, maintaining the features that made their predecessor a bestseller, but also complying to today’s demanding market requirements thanks to  the use of innovative technologies.

These new ranges are particularly suitable for the preservation of fresh and frozen products. They have been conceived to satisfy all the possible applications and comply with the latest European directives governing the reduction of greenhouse gases. Moreover, thanks to their particularly compact design, it is possible make good use of the cold room volume in which they are installed.

The GCE and CGC adopt excellent solutions: completely updated fan motors, electrical connections and casing connection. In particular the coils, with an optimized geometry and dimensions, ensure high performance and a substantial reduction of the internal volume. This feature allows a significant reduction of refrigerant in the system, in accordance with the European F-Gas Directive for the reduction of greenhouse gases. In the CGC unit cooler that use CO2 refrigerant, the updated coils have a maximum operating pressure of 80 bars.

Technical Features

The GCE series consists of 105 models (from 1,07 to 24,28 kW), fully customizable and suitable for use with new generation refrigerants, whereas its twin range, CGC, works with CO2 with a power range that goes from 1 to 27,2 kW.

The motor fans used in both ranges are of three types:

- 250 mm diameter, shaded pole single-phase 230V/1/50-60 Hz with polyamide fiberglass charged fan guards;

- 315 mm diameter external rotor single-phase 230V/1/50-60Hz with built-in electric capacitor and epoxy-coated steel fan guard

- 350 mm diameter external rotor single-phase 230V/1/ 50-60Hz with built-in electric capacitor and epoxy-coated steel fan guard

The models with Ø 250 mm fan motors with standard electric defrost are equipped with stainless steel heater rods with vulcanized terminals, set for 230V/1/50-60Hz connection. For models with Ø 315 and Ø 350 mm fan motors the connection is for 400V/3/ 50-60Hz. Electronically commutated (EC) fan motors are available for the entire diameter range. The wiring of the fan motors and electric heaters are carried out in separate IP 54 protection grade junction boxes.

On request all models of both ranges can be supplied with non-standard coils, defrosting andfanmotors. The electric parts and the casings are connected to an earth terminal.

For the selection of the GCE and CGC models, we recommend our "SCELTE" selection software.

For more information on the GCE and CGC range contact our team.

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