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Vortex Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine


Vortex® Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine is probably the only recovery machine in the market which offers a full 1 HP (one horse power) dual piston compressor for the fastest recovery speed available under real service conditions.

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 Industrial LED lights are mainly used in warehouse's with high roofs, supermarket and grocery stores as well as cold rooms or any large areas were lighting is needed. These LED Lights provide the answer for high bay or low mast lighting. The benefits a business has after upgrading are many however the 2 most important facts are that LED lights are enviromentally friendly and the electricity bill reduces by up to 70%.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 13:38

Energy Saving up to 70%


Today, saving energy is more important than ever. Doing so with fans is particularly effective as they are often operated almost constantly, for example in refrigerated cases, bottle coolers and floor convectors. As a result, high motor efficiency makes a pronounced difference - not only in terms of reducing environmental impact, but also keeping money in the end user's wallet. Higher efficiency also means that less waste heat is given off into the surroundings, resulting in further energy savings.

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