Founded in 1996, Value specializes in research, development and manufacture of vacuum pumps, and produces 250,000 rotary-vane vacuum pumps and 20,000 recovery units annually. The company has 48 senior engineers and the most advanced stream line, and provide customers with high cost-performance products.

VRS-50i-01 - Electronic refrigerant scale with Bluetooth display

VRC-6100I Vacuum Charging Machine

  Main features:
  •  -Non-slip mat
  •  -Wireless bluetooth panel for better control of replenishing or recovering at certain factor value
  •  -Signaling of reaching the set value
  •  -Transparent backlit LCD display
  •                                                                    -Light and ergonomic design

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VRC-6100i - Vacuum Charging Machine

VRC-6100I Vacuum Charging Machine

    -Refrigerant: cat. III: R-12,R-134a,R-401C,R-500,1234yf
    -Refrigerant: cat. IV: R-22,R-401A,R-401B,R-402B,R-407C,R-407D,R-408A,R-409A,R-411A,R-411B,
    -Refrigerant: cat. V: R-402A,R-404A,R-407B,R-410A,R-507,R-32, R407A/C/F,R448A, R449A, R452A
    -Power supply: 230/50 V/Hz
    -Flow rate: 170 l/min / 6CFM
    -Vacuum leak test time: 2 minutes
    -CFM: 6

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VRP-6DV & VRP-8DV- Dual-stage vacuum pump


      Main features:

    -Lightweight, small, high quality vacuum
    -Large and clear oil inspection eyelet
    -Built-in vacuum gauge
    -Built-in solenoid valve
    -Non-sparking design, suitable for R-32 and R-1234yf

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Recovery Unit VRR24L-OS-1HP


   -Lighter and faster

   -Oil separator device

   -Purification and recycling of refrigerants

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High quality Refrigeration recovery Vacuum Pump VI240Y for R1234YF


High quality Refrigeration recovery Vacuum Pump VI240Y for R1234YF, with

- Integrated body structure

-Horizontal position easy for reading

- Enclosed switch

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Electronic Scale VES50B


    Electronic Scale VES50B, with

    -Quantitative filling precision control

    -High precision valve, accuracy control, filling wight + 5g


    -The recovery / recycling wight can be set, convenient for operation+

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