Leak Detection Products




Spectroline Fluorescent Leak Detection Products for HVAC/R Systems

  • Just add a small amount of dye to the system and let it circulate. The dye/oil mixture escapes with the refrigerant wherever there is a leak and glows brightly when inspected with a high-intensity Spectroline® leak detection lamp.
  • All Spectroline® fluorescent dyes can remain safely in the system. This makes it fast and easy to pinpoint leaks, confirm repairs and perform future preventive maintenance checks. 

CR-800  GLO-AWAY™Dye Cleaner

CR-800 GLO-AWAY™Dye Cleaner

  • -Removes all traces of fluorescent dye from repaired leak sites so repairs can be verified.
  • -The product is safe for the environment as it is water-based, non toxic, non flammable, non carcinogenic, biodegradable and has no offensive odor.








-Economical, cordless, violet light LED leak detection flashlight.
-This budget friendly flashlight provides optimal fluorescent dye response and contrast. Use with universal/POE dyes only, with an inspection range of 25 feet (7.6m).   Package includes lanyard, holster and fluorescence-enhancing glasses. 

EZ-4 / ECS  DYE Cartridge

EZ-4 / ECS DYE Cartridge

-Cost effective — Each disposable EZ-Ject™ dye cartridge treats up to 2 gallons (7.6 L) of lubricant or 25 lbs (11.3 kg) of refrigerant.
-No pouring, no refrigerant, no spills — Prefilled EZ-Ject™ cartridges are clearly labeled with 14 calibrations so you’ll introduce exactly the right amount of dye every time! When the cartridge is empty, just throw it away. A new one connects in seconds.
-Check valve prevents the backflow of dye or refrigerant and allows for easy storage of the hose/cartridge between jobs. It also prevents dye leakage or contamination. Torque from the EZ-Ject™ assembly easily overcomes AC&R system pressure, even with R-410A.

EZ-100/ECS Universal Dye Injection Kit

EZ-100/ECS Universal Dye Injection Kit

  • -Includes EZ-Ject™ dye injector assembly, hose assembly complete with check valve and 1/4 inch flare low-loss fitting and (2) EZ-4/ECS 0.5oz universal/POE dye cartridges. Comes in full-color clamshell packaging.


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