Refrigeration and A/C components




First-class service products and components for highest quality requirements

The following chapters allow you a brief view into the range of REFCO quality products. REFCO is proud to be one of the few ISO 9001 approved manufacturers in the field of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Tools and Components. The quality Control System does of course include all products offered in the REFCO range.

The full REFCO product catalogue can be downloaded on this website 


Accessories - Oil-test kit and oil neutralizer

Various Tools

Various Tools - Auto Valves, Sealants, Refrigerants, Tools and Accessories

Tube cutters

Tube cutters Tube cutters, Pinch-off Tools, Tube Benders, Hand Tools and Flaring Tools

Condensate pumps

Condensate pumps and electronic switches


Thermometers, Thermostats and Control Instruments

Leak Detection

Leak Detection, Propane Leak Detectors and Leak Search Sprays

Charging Hoses

Charging Hoses with 1/4"SAE and 1/2"-20UNF connections



Manifolds, Hoses, Valves, Connectors

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges and Vacuum Gauges

Charging stations

Charging stations Charging Scales,  Charging Cylinders and Nitrogen Test Unit

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps for all your  needs