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Vortex® Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine is probably the only recovery machine in the market which offers a full 1 HP (one horse power) dual piston compressor for the fastest recovery speed available under real service conditions.

Vortex Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine



  • 1 HP dual piston compressor for industry leading recovery rates
  • Micro-channel condenser provides exceptional heat exchange allowing Vortex Dual to maintain recovery rates throughout the entire recovery cycle
  • Oversize fan provides exceptional cooling
  • Simple two valve operation
  • Full size protected gauges for both suction and tank pressure
  • Self-purge without the need to change hoses
  • Filter/dryer included
  • Low noise as per its molded case


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TEK-Mate® Refrigerant Leak Detector

Proven Heated Diode Technology in an Affordable Package


■ Sensitivity of 0.25 oz./year (7 g/year)
■ Detects all CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and HFOs
■ Proven heated diode sensor for reliable leak checking
■ No false alarms from soap solutions
■ Runs on two D-cell batteries
■ Rugged carrying case included

TEK-Mate is the ideal refrigerant leak detector for the light-to-medium duty user who demands reliable leak detection at a budget-friendly price.

Features such as the patented INFICON heated diode sensor, variable intensity audible and visual alarms and automatic compensation for changing background refrigerant concentrations make TEK-Mate the best bargain in refrigerant leak detectors.

See for yourself why TEK-Mate is the #1 selling refrigerant leak detector in the HVAC/R market.
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D-TEK® Select Refrigerant Leak Detector

Innovative Infrared Technology Delivers Enhanced Sensitivity and Long Life


■ 0.10 oz/year (3 g/a) sensitivity
■ Sensitive to all refrigerants, including R-22,
R-134a, R-404a, R-410a, R-507 (AZ-50) and
all CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs
■ 1,000-hour infrared cell life for
low cost of ownership
■ Manual zeroing ignores user-programmed
refrigerant levels when activated
■ Infrared cell does not weaken over time, so
response remains consistent and accurate
■ Infrared cell cannot be overloaded or
“poisoned” by exposure to large amounts
of refrigerant
■ High-efficiency air sampling pump provides quick
response and quick clearing (“zeroing”)
■ On-board diagnostics indicate charging status
and warn of low battery or infrared cell failure
■ NiMH battery is environmentally friendly, won’t
corrode, and provides greater charging capacity
■ Enhanced filter design for superior filtration and
resistance to contaminants
■ Ability to run off AC power adapter
■ Made in the USA
As the first accurate, reliable, highly sensitive, cordless
refrigerant leak detector, the original D-TEK revolutionized the field. Now we have built on that technology leadership
to create D-TEK Select. This next-generation refrigerant leak detector uses an innovative infrared absorption sensing
cell that is extremely sensitive to all refrigerants—and only refrigerants. D-TEK Select maintains that sensitivity over time for
consistent, accurate and reliable performance, even with the newer refrigerant blends. Best of all, the sensing cell
lasts for approximately 1,000 hours—almost 10 times longer
than the original D-TEK sensor—to lower your cost of ownership and improve job site productivity.
Additional enhancements include a charging status indicator, sensor failure indication,
and rechargeable NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries. All in an easy-to-use
unit with the quality and durability you’ve come to expect from INFICON.
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GAS-Mate® - Combustible Gas Leak Detector



■ Sensitive to 5 ppm methane
■ Great for flammable refrigerants like R290, R600a,
and R441a!
■ Also detects natural gas, hydrogen, propane, butane,
cyclopentane, ethane, ethanol, isobutane, ammonia
and forming gas (95% nitrogen, 5% hydrogen)
■ Multiple LEDs, variable intensity audio alarm indicate
leak strength
■ Adjustable sensitivity helps pinpoint leaks fast
■ Auto zeroing for ignoring background gas levels in
leak test area
■ Small sensor and probe tip permit leak checking in
tighter places
■ Certified intrinsically safe by MET Laboratories for
use in combustive/explosive environments
■ Three-year replacement warranty
■ Made in the USA
INFICON raises the bar on combustible gas detectors with the next-generation GAS-Mate, the ideal tool for locating leaks in forming gas, flammable refrigerant, or combustible
heating and appliance applications. GAS-Mate is also intrinsically safe, so you can leak check with confidence in potentially hazardous environments.
GAS-Mate outperforms other models with twice the sensitivity of many competitors—down to 5 ppm methane, the main component of natural gas. GAS-Mate also detects
many other combustible gases, such as forming gas, ammonia, propane, ethanol and hydrogen sulfide.
No calibration is required for GAS-Mate or its field-replaceable sensor. Simply turn the unit on, allow it to warm up for a few seconds and it is ready to quickly pinpoint any gas
leaks present. To prove that GAS-Mate has the performance and durability for your job, it carries an industry-leading, three-year over-thecounter replacement warranty—three times what most other
manufacturers offer.
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Can you hear the leak? We can.

■Detects pressure and vacuum leaks for all gases
■ Works even in noisy environments
■ Laser pointer makes it easier to pinpoint the leak
■ Applications include pressure/vacuum leaks, electrical arcing, malfunctioning steam traps and more!
■ Only technology to detect pressurized nitrogen leaks
■ Rugged carrying case included
Whisper uses ultrasonic technology to listen for the sound of a gas moving through a leak site, making it a super versatile tool for leak checking ANY gas in pressurized or vacuum systems. The optional accessory kit adds even more functionality, allowing for leak checking of door seals, ducts, steam traps, and mechanical parts like bearings. With its wide range of applications, Whisper is a great tool to have on hand.
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Accurate and reliable readings for years to come.

■ 220 lb. (100 kg) capacity
■ Large, all-metal platform for durability and versatility
■ High accuracy load cell will not drift
■ Easy-to-use handpiece with detachable communications cable
■ Displays measurements in decimal lb., lb./oz., or kg
■ Rugged carrying case included
The Wey-TEK Refrigerant Charging Scale truly is Laboratory Accurate and Toolbox Tough. Simple operation, outstanding durability, and great accuracy make Wey-TEK a great choice for any technician. A large weighing platform, 220 lb. (100 kg) capacity, and competitive price make Wey-TEK a great value. See why Wey-TEK is the most requested refrigerant scale on the market you to the next job quickly.
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