Tube Bender


The new Black Diamond series features patented, top of the line designs that set themselves apart from competitors.
Using the best materials, they carefully refine every item to ensure the final merchandises are of an impeccable standard.

Multi- size Bender

Multi- size Bender

  Product Character
 Item Number  12999
 Capacity  Soft Copper and Aluminum Tubes, Softened Hard Tubes
 Expander Heads  ¼” – 5/16” – 3/8” – ½” – 5/8” – ¾” – 7/8”
 Information  Patented 90-degree indicator let the users know when they have bended to 90 degrees. The Tube Bender set comes in different sizes of Aluminum Bending Forms, and it is easy to assemble.
The Aluminum Bending Formers make it easy to remove the bended tubes without damaging. The Reverse Adapters enable the set to perform downward and upward bending.
Quick Action Tube Bender

Quick Action Tube Bender

      Product Character
 Item Number  12106  12108  12110  12112  12114
 Capacity(O.D)  3/8”  ½”  5/8”  ¾”  7/8”
 Item Number  12210  12212  12216  12219  12222
 Capacity (O.D)  10mm  12mm  16mm  19mm  22mm
 Radio to Center  15/16”  1-1/2”  2-1/4”  3”  3-14”
 Capacity      Soft Copper and Aluminum Tubes and Heat treated Hard Copper Tube
 Angle      Bend 0 – 180 degrees
 Information Patented Quick Action bending design make bending large angles ergonomic and easy.
Strong Aluminum Bending Former makes it easy to remove the bended tubes without damaging.