Medium Size Tube Cutter

   Product Character
  Item   Number  11311 (no spare blade)
11381 (with spare blade)
 11312 (no spare blade)
11382(with spare blade)
 Blade  Chrome plated SUJ2 blade  SKH9 Titanium Finishing Blade
 Application  Copper & Aluminum Tubes  Copper & Aluminum Tubes, up to 1mm thickness of Stainless Tube
 Capacity   1/8 ” ̴1-5/8 ” ( 4 ̴42mm) O.D
 Information    All new Patented Smart Spring Tube Cutter will enable cutters to cut tubes automatically. The Cutter will adjust its position of the blades to cut not perfectly round tubes effortlessly. The Spring Design prevents the crush of soft tubes. Thinner and sharper blades enable to cut tubes efficiently. Snap-on pins enable the blades changing easily.