Foam Hinged Lid Containers



Convenience is the key with Dart foam hinged lid containers. Secure closure improves handling and helps protect against accidental openings. High insulation qualities make them ideal for transporting and storing both hot and cold foods. Carryout service wouldn't be complete without them.










PERFormer® Hinge Available Allows lid to be removed
from base for enhanced dining experience
Increases versatility and customer satisfaction
Knuckle on Tab Locking Mechanism Helps prevent lid from opening unintentionally Reduces chance of spills and waste
Dual Locks Provides secure closure Decreases accidental openings
Stock Embossed Designs Available Provides upscale appearance  Increases sales
 Perimeter Closure  Helps keep food in container and reduces leaks  Reduces customer complaints
 Custom Embossing Available (for Qualifying Volumes)  Provides customer name recognition  Increases repeat sales
 Insulated  Helps maintain food temperature, quality, and taste  Increases customer satisfaction
 Dual Use  Permits use for hot or cold food applications  Reduces inventory needs
 Non-Absorbent  Prevents liquid from soaking through  Reduces customer complaints
 One-Piece Hinged Construction  Eliminates lidding confusion  Increases operational efficiency