Refrigeration and A/C components


Fan Motors - Ventilators


Ebm-papst compact fans have been the standard in electronics cooling for decades. Compact, quiet and highly efficient, they adapt to the cooling situation and can be intelligently networked to the device logic. They are available for all voltages and in all standard sizes.

Axial HyBlade 300 – 450mm

Σειρά ανεμιστήρων ebmpapst EC/AC.
Axial HyBlade 300 – 450mm.

  Axial HyBlade 300-450 catalogue

Axial HyBlade 500 – 910mm

Σειρά ανεμιστήρων ebmpapst AC Axial HyBlade 500 – 910mm.



Εξάρτημα βελτίωσης ροής AxiTop.

  AxiTop catalogue.


Σειρά ανεμιστήρων ebmpapst  Axicool
(για εφαρμογές αεροψυκτήρων).

  AxiCool catalogue.

ESM – iQ

Σειρά ανεμιστήρων ebmpapst ESM – iQ (για εφαρμογές εμπορικής ψύξης).

  ESM-iQ catalogue.

EC/AC RadiCal

Σειρά ανεμιστήρων ebmpapst. EC/AC RadiCal

  EC/AC Radical catalogue.

EC/AC RadiPac

Σειρά ανεμιστήρων ebmpapst. EC/AC RadiPac.

  EC/AC RadiPac catalogue.


Σειρά ανεμιστήρων ebmpapst  EC/AC για εφαρμογές στερεών καυσίμων.

  EC/AC catalogue.


Conventional Q-motors can now be replaced with the new “iQ”-motors if a more energy-efficient solution is required - We have taken a standard motor and a principle that has enjoyed success in countless applications for decades and made it more intelligent, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

  Q-motors catalogue.